A downloadable game for Windows

Heart Collector is a game where you must jump into floating hearts that appear in random places. 

You have 30 seconds to collect as many as you can.

The strategy in it is remembering where the platforms are because they only appear when touched by the character.


HeartCollector.zip 16 MB


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Hey, so it seems your current build is unplayable on certain devices, mine included. Your UI uses 'constant pixel / real world size', and clearly you have a 4K monitor. Point is, what may look small on your end is ridiculously huge for us laptop users. This is true to the point that upon clicking the start button on the menu, I get stuck on the instructions. I assume there is a continue button on the bottom, but I can't reach it since it's offscreen. Next time, try using scale with screen size, or make the ui smaller. At the very least, you should support sizes like 1366x768, which is a standard laptop size. In the game view, you can set the resolution of your view, so try using that to preview at different resolutions.

This is all I see:

Yes, I realised that yesterday when I opened it on my laptop. I'm really sorry, the whole controls and score screen was done in the 10 minutes I had waiting for an Uber to arrive and I forgot to do all of my regular tests and UI anchoring. This was such a rushed and "just get something uploaded" project for me so I am apologetic to people that run into issues.

On the other hand, thanks for playing it and giving it a go! It works best at fullscreen, Ultra on a 1080p monitor. That's the only thing I tested it for due to time constraints.